Craig Fagan

I had Pro Flooring do a complete kitchen remodel for me. I have attached the pictures of what they did. They did a MASTERFUL job on my new kitchen. I'm not a relative of these guys, nor is this some fake review. To be frank, I was not expecting the end product. I surely wasn't expecting a crappy job, but also wasn't expecting to get the high-end kitchen that I got. The end result far exceeded what I expected to get.

I had five different companies come out and give me an estimate. Pro Flooring's estimate was the lowest price (by far). They seemed competent, but the negative reviews on Yelp gave me some concern. However, we decided to hire them.

The one thing that I liked about them was that they handled every step of the remodel in-house. Not a single portion of the remodel required me to hire a sub to handle small parts. They handled everything, which was nice. I had tried to do a bathroom remodel on my own without a contractor, and it sucked. My bathroom looks like an amateur ran the show. I didn't want to make that mistake with my kitchen.

Let me give you a realistic assessment of how things transpired.

Time line: They took 6 weeks to completely redo my kitchen. That included everything: demolition, haul away, build custom cabinets, install the cabinets, lay flooring, drywall, paint, install appliances, install entire new door frame and door, etc. Everything.

Were they perfect? No. But what contractor is? At the outset, I met with Tony. I had never seen the guy in my life. He was a decent guy. Other reviewers on Yelp make him out to be some monster, but that's just dead-wrong. He's a salesman. Sometimes he over promises, but nothing major. He was a little overly zealous, telling me that the job would take about 10 days. I knew that was salesman's bluster, so I wasn't angry when it actually took about six weeks. The bottom line is that Tony always made sure things were done according to his promise.

On average, they were at my house 4 days a week. Yes, I'd get a little annoyed when they would occasionally miss a day. Their time line was not perfect, but it was still relatively good compared to the time that other people have spent on remodels.

The quality of the work was beyond what I expected. It comes with one caveat, however: I had to nudge them on a few things to make sure everything was done correctly. I'll admit: a few times they were sloppy on some minor things, but always corrected them when I pointed them out. I kept asking my wife, "These guys are perfectionists on the major things, but get sloppy on tiny things. It makes no sense." It was somewhat of a pain to ask them to correct minor things, but they never put up a fight. If you want a completely perfect remodel, then go ahead and pay triple the price that I paid to these guys. Otherwise, the minor inconveniences were well-worth the final product and the price.

The crown jewel of their work was the handmade, custom cabinets. Some guy who didn't speak a lick of English came out and put the cabinets in. I didn't care if the guy has never spoken a word of English, I just wanted my cabinets to look good. The cabinets were made of 100% real wood. No fake particle board. Everything was real. It was nice to open the cabinets and smell fresh, real wood. Better yet, every cabinet and drawer had those neat little hydraulic stoppers on them. Very cool.

Advice if you hire them: Get everything in writing. I got most everything in writing. The things that weren't in writing they still did, once I reminded them of what they promised. I'm not suggesting that they were intentionally trying to cheat me. The reality is that many times a request will be made orally and you forget to get it in writing. To make it simple, just get it all in writing.

There were a lot of people who came out to work on my house. They all worked hard. No slouches, nobody reading their I-Phones while they worked. Good, hard workers. Many days, I left them in my house when I went off to work. Nothing was stolen. Nothing out of place. I completely trusted them.



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