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Cezanne Collection

1/2" x 7-1/2" x RL up to 75" planks in 7 rich natural colors.

MSRP $9.89 per square foot. Now only $5.89 per square foot. That's 40% OFF!
Ultra-High Definition has finally come to hardwoods with Cezanne. An unprecedented clarity to the natural wood grain is achieved through an 8 coat Bona super low gloss finish which also seals and protects. There is even more, with exquisite color variations between planks that are elegantly wire brushed to perfection. The depth and richness of color here is pronounced and made possible by a smoking and antiquing process in the hands of artisans. This collection features longer and wider planks to accentuate the colors and natural beauty of wood. So enjoy your new floors, now, in high definition.

Matisse Collection

1/2" x 6-1/2" x RL up to 74" planks in 5 designer specified colors.

MSRP $7.29 per square foot. Now only $5.89 per square foot. That's 20% OFF!
What the “painter of color” did for Impressionists, the Matisse French Oak Collection now reinvents for hardwood. Matisse sets today’s new trend with unrivaled vibrancy in its color patina and depth of shine. Credit goes to an unprecedented multi-step smoking process—color craft only patient, meticulous artisans can elicit. Choose from a range of designer hardwood colors and, as complementary shades of fabric, walls and natural light play upon it, color variations spring forth to dazzle the eye. Matisse floors feature a premium finish chosen to preserve smoke-deepened shades, for beauty that both inspires and endures. Color your world magnificently with Matisse hardwood.

California Classics Collection

1/2” x 6” fixed width x 18”– 60” RL
1/2” x 4”/5”/6” mixed width in the box x 18”– 60” RL in select colors only.

MSRP $6.19 per square foot. Now only $4.99 per square foot. That's 20% OFF!
Craftmanship began here, in a series of custom-style artisan floors featuring a unique 100% hand-applied flat-scraping technique. It takes longer than dressing flooring in mass-produced fashion—and oh can you tell the difference! Choose from Maple and Hickory offerings in a wide range of designer colors—presented in random width planks of 4”/5”/6” or fixed width of 6" for a floor as unique as your design sense.